Season 3 is here!

Gitting Gud, Together

We're here for players of all skill levels who want to engage in organized team play - the way the game was meant to be played. Most competitive Overwatch leagues accept all challengers, which leads to great semi-pro level play, but makes it hard for new teams to get a start.

OWUL was founded to bring this experience to the entire community, Bronze through Grandmaster! We bring together captains, coaches, casters, and competitors to encourage every aspect of competitive Overwatch in our community at each own skill level so everyone has a chance to play and improve.

League Organization

OWUL currently supports PC players in the Americas and Europe regions. The only requirement for participation is completing all ten placement matches in Competitive mode to receive a SR. We play in seasons of different lengths. Full teams of 6-8 can sign up during each pre-season. Free agents and partial teams can recruit and form teams using provided community resources.

Teams are divided into groups based on average skill rating (SR) to match skill levels. Groups are sorted into divisions. Teams compete against their peers for a season packed full of challenging matches. After the group stage the top 2 teams plus potential wild cards in each group get to advance to the divisional playoffs to go against teams that come from throughout their conference!

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Broadcasting & Coaching

Our community focus on improvement and learning extends beyond getting better at the game. In our first and second season we had 100+ matches and over 200 teams. That is a lot of teams looking for coaching, and hundreds of games needing casters.

Gaining experience and sharing it is key, we provide a community where this is possible, no matter how much experience you have. Feel free to sign up as a coach or caster at any time.

Go ahead and unwind with all our other events

In addition to regular league matches, the OWUL also hosts a variety of mixers and events open to the public. These include:

  • Midweek Madness, a weekly PUG tournament mixer.
  • Open Workshops, sessions where players practice specific skills under the tutelage of our coaches.
  • Community Nights an informal timeslot when community members are encouraged to make themselves available for scrims.
  • Coach the Coaches, workshops where experienced coaches share tips and tricks with newcomers.
  • Casting 101 for prospective casters. Learn the basics of OBS, the finer points of color casting, how to hype up play-by-play commentary, and more.

Get involved in the community

Catch the action on our official Twitch Channel, watch past games or podcasts on YouTube. And even submit the best league moments to feature on our Twitter & Facebook pages, or stay up to date with awesome educative community generated content. We celebrate the accomplishments, skills and work of our entire community. While you're waiting, why not jump on over to our Discord for some fun?!

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